History of FMS Group, Inc.

In 1965, Bill Myers, former director of Food Service at the University of Illinois and later for Stanford University, was actively searching for an opportunity to open a full-menu type restaurant in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area.  That search ended when he tasted an “Arby’s Roast Beef” sandwich.  The unusual concept involved serving one sandwich only – Roast Beef.  The rest of the menu consisted of potato chips, cold beverages, and milk shakes offered in four different flavors.  Arby’s also offered limited seating for its customers – only ten places.

Early Arby's and Raffel BrosOriginal Arby's Yellow Roof

In 1966, Mr. Myers founded Franchise Management Systems, Inc. (FMS), bought an Arby’s franchise, and over the years opened and operated fifteen Arby’s Restaurants in Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa.  FMS, an early pioneer of the concept, enjoyed a fifty-year history characterized by hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and a desire to serve customers high quality food with world-class service at a fair and reasonable price.  In 2006, Mr. Myers was honored as the “longest tenured Arby’s franchisee” for operating the oldest continually operating franchisee-owned Arby’s Restaurant in the world.  It continues to serve its customers to this today.

In 2016, key members of the executive team purchased the restaurant operations and formed FMS Group, Inc.  The result is a blend of continuity in operational excellence with a look toward modernization and growth.